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SQUIN is a query interface for the Web of Linked Data. The query system in SQUIN implements a novel query execution paradigm called link traversal based query execution.

Mission Statement

The World Wide Web currently evolves into a Web of Linked Data where content providers publish and link their data as they have done with hypertext for the last 20 years. We understand this emerging dataspace as a huge, distributed database which is -at best- partially known to query execution systems. To tap the full potential of the Web, such a system must be able to answer a query using data from initially unknown data sources. For this purpose, traditional query execution paradigms are unsuitable because those assume a fixed set of potentially relevant data sources beforehand.

Our query execution system, SQUIN, implements a novel query execution approach. The main idea is to integrate the traversal of data links into the result construction process. This approach allows the execution engine to discover potentially relevant data during the query execution.



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